The Mummy Review


Much has been made, in the last few weeks of the marketing, of the fact that The Mummy is the film that’s meant to kick off Universal’s latest attempt at a shared cinematic universe featuring all their classic monsters. On this evidence, it’s a universe that deserves to be left on the scrapheap (as it very nearly was after the dreadful Dracula Untold), as not only is The Mummy a simply terrible film, it’s made far, far worse by its need to set up this ‘new world of gods and monsters’. A flavourless lump of exposition and repetition, it lacks all the charms of the ‘30s originals and the Brendan Fraser-led 1999 MummyContinue reading


The Nice Guys Review

Nice Guys All Leads


After the billion dollar success of Iron Man 3, Shane Black has gone back to the style of film he knows best – buddy movies with a murder or ten in the middle of the plot. Practically inventing the genre as we know it today with his scripts for Lethal Weapon and its first sequel, and making his directorial debut with the wonderful Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Nice Guys is an immensely successful return to original movie-making for Black, and the funniest film of 2016 so far. Mixing Kiss Kiss with a bit of LA Confidential and plenty of ‘70s California sleaze, The Nice Guys is ceaselessly entertaining.  Continue reading