Murder on the Orient Express Review

Murder Orient Express

In a world where billion dollar superhero and sci-fi epics dominate the blockbuster scene and the TV schedules are packed to bursting with complex conspiracies that take tens of hours to unravel, a simple two-hour murder mystery film feels quite novel, even a little quaint. Kenneth Branagh, director and star of this new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s sublime Murder on the Orient Express, has chosen to overcome this feeling with sheer star power. Much like the Sidney Lumet version of the story from the ‘70s, Branagh’s cast is a murderer’s row of superstars, whose collective charisma and charm elevate the slightly overcooked material.  Continue reading


Dunkirk Review


Very few other filmmakers working today are as intrigued by time and its workings as Christopher Nolan, and none are as good at integrating this fascination with the sort of bombastic excitement that he so consistently delivers. With his war epic, Dunkirk, Nolan strikes the perfect balance between his typically clever treatment of time’s relationship with stories and a heart on sleeve disaster film, paying tribute to the heroes and survivors of the Miracle of Dunkirk. It’s his shortest film since his 1998 debut, Following, and his first non-sci-fi film in over a decade but no less ambitious for it, entering the canon as possibly Nolan’s best film and one of the greatest examples of the World War 2 genre.  Continue reading