Incredibles 2 Review

Incredibles 2

From the kitschy ‘60s-esque world-building, right down to each family member’s power set – strength for the dad, flexibility for the mum, invisibility for the awkward teenage girl – The Incredibles was a film firmly committed to the ideal of the nuclear family. The long-awaited sequel, arriving 14 years after the original, doesn’t take its time in subverting these traditions, switching the stereotypical gender roles and letting Helen Parr/Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) go on a world-saving mission while Bob Parr/Mr Incredible (Craig T Nelson) stays home to watch the kids. It’s a move that puts Helen front and centre, a positive step forward, but also means Incredibles 2 leans more heavily toward the superheroics side of its story than the family side, creating a hugely entertaining but less textured film.  Continue reading


The Big Sick Review

Big Sick

2017 has, thus far, not been a great year for big screen comedies. Obviously, films like Get Out, Baby Driver, and the two MCU entries so far have been funny, but in terms of high-profile, straight-up comedy, we’ve had Lego Batman (good), The House (bad), and Baywatch (atrocious). So it’s understandable that the release of The Big Sick was greeted with such excited fanfare. It’s sweet, warmly funny, and tells an interesting story from an uncommon perspective. Yet, unfortunately, it is not the game-changing comedy that it was hyped up as, very likable indeed, but lacking in the consistent laughs that made films like Sing Street and The Nice Guys last year such unadulterated joys.  Continue reading