Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver

If ever a filmmaker were to direct my daily life, I’d want it to be Edgar Wright. With his incredibly kinetic style, sense of constant exciting motion, and perfect cueing of music to elevate a scene, he could make even the dullest moment seem cool. Baby Driver, Wright’s first film since The World’s End and his quitting of Marvel’s Ant-Man, proves that his technical skill works just as well when taking itself seriously as it does in the highly stylised comedies that made Wright’s name. From cacophonous car chases to free-running escapes, Baby Driver’s music-fuelled action is frenetic and all but guaranteed to leave you grinning.  Continue reading


Ant-Man Review


The latest expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is both a risk and a no-brainer. It focuses on a hero with almost no general recognition outside of proper comic book fans, without the comedy Star Wars appeal that so aided Guardians of the Galaxy, and will really test the sheer power of the Marvel brand. It’s also got a hell of job in that it opens Phase 3 of the Marvel saga, setting us up for the next three years of superhero movies. Then again, it also makes perfect sense that Ant-Man should follow up Age of Ultron, its small scale and family-focused story acting as an effective palate cleanser after the bombastic world-saving of Joss Whedon’s billion dollar sequel. Continue reading