Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a film of many firsts. It’s the first solo cinematic outing for its titular heroine. It’s the first female-led superhero film in the new era of the global dominance of the comic book movie. It’s the first time since 2002 that a female director has been handed a budget of over $100 million dollars, with Patty Jenkins leading the charge – soon to be followed by Ava DuVernay (with A Wrinkle in Time) and Niki Caro (Mulan). And, most importantly, it’s the first genuinely good entry into the critically battered DCEU, a blast of fun and sincerity that is ever so refreshing in a world of brooding cynics in capes and quippy murderous antiheroes.  Continue reading


Anomalisa Early Review



One of the most tellingly depressing things about the stop-motion world of Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa is that Michael Stone (David Thewlis), the protagonist, is a world-famous superstar for his contributions to the customer service industry. Very few films have explored the brutality of banality like this one, and it’s frankly frightening to see it so accurately portrayed on screen. Only the second directorial effort by Kaufman, co-directing with experienced animator Duke Johnson, it’s probably his most accessible concept as a writer. That does not make Anomalisa an easy film, nor does it mean that Kaufman’s characteristic genius conceits are left behind. With all but two characters voiced by Tom Noonan (who gets the impressive credit of Everyone Else, including women, children, and singers), the mundane coexists fascinatingly with the sharply surreal.  Continue reading