Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Review

Valerian City Planets

As an inspiration for Star Wars and countless other sci-fi franchises ever since its 1967 publication, the French comic Valerian by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mezieres has in many ways already been adapted into a variety of different movies. Which is why it’s so impressive that Luc Besson’s take on this universe feels so wildly original. It’s bright, gorgeous, and every step takes you somewhere that you’ve never quite seen the like of. Brilliant visuals, imaginative set-pieces, and design that feels like Besson mashing up Star Wars, Star Trek, and Firefly, Valerian seems like it should be a sure fire hit.  Continue reading


Life Review


The short but incredibly vibrant life of James Dean has received its fair share of attention since he died at the age of just 24. It’s natural that Hollywood would find him so fascinating, someone who simultaneously represented and reacted against superstardom, and was then tragically killed before he could fully decide on either direction. Anton Corbijn’s new take focuses less on Dean himself than his friend-for-a-month, Dennis Stock, the Life Magazine photographer who shot the iconic Times Square image. Whilst this makes sense, especially given that Corbijn is still more famous as a photographer than a director, and avoids criticisms of following an overly-familiar story, Dane DeHaan’s version of the troubled star makes you wish that he had taken the lead. Continue reading