The Big Sick Review

Big Sick

2017 has, thus far, not been a great year for big screen comedies. Obviously, films like Get Out, Baby Driver, and the two MCU entries so far have been funny, but in terms of high-profile, straight-up comedy, we’ve had Lego Batman (good), The House (bad), and Baywatch (atrocious). So it’s understandable that the release of The Big Sick was greeted with such excited fanfare. It’s sweet, warmly funny, and tells an interesting story from an uncommon perspective. Yet, unfortunately, it is not the game-changing comedy that it was hyped up as, very likable indeed, but lacking in the consistent laughs that made films like Sing Street and The Nice Guys last year such unadulterated joys.  Continue reading


Ted – Review

When Seth MacFarlane announced that he would be making his first feature film, there could have been legitimate fears that the whole thing would end up as a protracted Family Guy episode, complete with cutaway jokes and self-referencing, and whilst there are some annoying cases of the latter, it is a relief that the prolific cartoonist has, for the most  part, managed to separate the worlds of television and film and craft a promising first effort at movie-making. Ted has a genuine storyline that makes sense and is the main focus throughout the film’s runtime, even if some of the inevitable gross-out gags outshine even MacFarlane’s most vomit-inducing Family Guy moments. Continue reading