The Beguiled Review

The Beguiled

Of all the films for Sofia Coppola to follow up The Bling Ring with, a remake of a Civil War-set Clint Eastwood vehicle from the ‘70s might not seem the most obvious choice. Yet, by paring back the misogyny and explicitness of Don Siegel’s 1971 adaptation of Thomas Cullinan’s The Beguiled, Coppola becomes a perfect match for this story of isolated women on the edge, in a grand house driven mad with suspicion and sexual hysteria. She became only the second-ever woman to win Best Director at Cannes with this film, and it’s easy to see why the jury chose it; it’s sumptuous, tense, and completely entertaining.  Continue reading


Sully Review


Despite being one of the most charming actors of the last 30 years and one of Hollywood’s most celebrated stars, Tom Hanks’ recent career hasn’t had the reliability of some of the newer contenders for Biggest Movie Star, like Leonardo DiCaprio or Ryan Gosling. We’ve been more than lucky to have the superb Captain Phillips and Bridge of Spies, but the last few years have also brought us Larry Crowne and A Hologram for the King. Now, with the utterly dire Sully on his resume, the last five years may have tipped into more miss than hit for Hanks, making for yet another reason among many to fervently hate this Clint Eastwood-directed misfire.  Continue reading

American Sniper Early Review



The sequence which I think can best sum up American Sniper is one in which our lead character is told that the shot he’s about to take is impossible. Naturally, he fires anyway, the camera tracks the bullet into the skull of his enemy. He and his squad are then bombarded with cannon fodder enemies before getting away scot free thanks to the timely intervention of some helicopter gunships. It’s the most videogame-y scene of the year, and its chest-pumping, bombastic, ‘America fuck yeah’ tone feels more at home in the latest Call of Duty game than an Oscar hopeful. Director Clint Eastwood has here brought an audience the equivalent of an American flag, a six-shooter and an apple pie all put together. If you were in any doubt about what the best country in the world is before the film, American Sniper does it’s absolute best to provide you with a definitive answer. Continue reading