A Ghost Story Review

Ghost Story

What comes after death? What is the purpose of life? Is there more to time than we can perceive? These are some of the grandest questions of the human condition, and to even tackle them in a film shows incredible ambition. To pose them, and provide emotionally resonant answers in the space of just 90 minutes, is evidence of a filmmaker working at the highest level, which is exactly the space David Lowery occupies with the mesmerising A Ghost Story. Reuniting with his Ain’t Them Bodies Saints stars Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara, Lowery’s work here eclipses the entirety of his back catalogue, as well the vast majority of the other films of 2017.  Continue reading


Manchester by the Sea Review


Honestly exploring the myriad impacts on a family of an untimely death is something most films always struggle with. They search for huge, bombastic emotional displays that leave little room for the confusing subtleties that actually accompany genuine loss. Such problems are not faced by Manchester by the Sea, an outstanding achievement by Kenneth Lonergan, creating a stunning study of how deaths are dealt with by the living, anchored by a towering performance from Casey Affleck. From the very first scene, Lonergan presents us with an intricately detailed and utterly believable look at family ties, and his deep and compassionate understanding of people remains at the fore for the entire film.  Continue reading