Molly’s Game Review

Molly's Game

The line ‘we’re about to do three years of therapy in three minutes’ would be met with an exhausted eye roll in any film, but coming in the last 15 minutes of an 140 minute, overindulgent Aaron Sorkin movie it positively feels like it’s daring the audience to yell at the screen. Sorkin’s directorial debut, Molly’s Game, is an overwritten, overlong, and annoyingly self-regarding mess that offers very little of the thrilling optimism or rollicking fun of his career highlights like The West Wing or The Social NetworkContinue reading


Steve Jobs Early Review

Steve Jobs

One of the most high-profile biopics of the year, Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs seems like one of the ‘sure things’ of this year’s awards cycle. Featuring a bevy of Oscar-friendly performances, a snappy and funny screenplay with some key highlight reel Big Quotes, this account of the divisive tech figurehead is bound to feature in many of the major award categories. Yet, there is also something missing at the core of Steve Jobs and whilst the individual parts of the film are rarely less than good and quite often excellent, it doesn’t really coalesce into essential viewing. For Apple geeks, this detailed look at the rocky history of some of the company’s products would most likely make for fascinating viewing, but for everyone else, it’s an effective prestige piece that is never quite the sum of its parts.  Continue reading