Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver

If ever a filmmaker were to direct my daily life, I’d want it to be Edgar Wright. With his incredibly kinetic style, sense of constant exciting motion, and perfect cueing of music to elevate a scene, he could make even the dullest moment seem cool. Baby Driver, Wright’s first film since The World’s End and his quitting of Marvel’s Ant-Man, proves that his technical skill works just as well when taking itself seriously as it does in the highly stylised comedies that made Wright’s name. From cacophonous car chases to free-running escapes, Baby Driver’s music-fuelled action is frenetic and all but guaranteed to leave you grinning.  Continue reading


Alien Covenant Review


If you thought Logan might end up taking the crown of 2017’s most violent blockbuster movie, then here comes Ridley Scott to re-prove who the king of fantastical gore really is. Alien Covenant is a vicious and gruesome sci-fi horror, incredibly effective in that aim, but also possessing far loftier ambitions that elevate what is already a brilliant thriller. Scott has already returned to the splendidly terrifying universe he created in 1979’s Alien, with the shaky 2012 entry Prometheus, but Covenant is his first true reunion with the monstrous Xenomorph that made his name nearly 40 years ago, and he clearly relishes every second.  Continue reading